Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Under the jacket.

With the warmer weather that’s been sneaking up on us the past couple of weeks, lots of our lovely HUSH ladies have been walking around with jackets unzipped, unbuttoned, and sometimes even blissfully carried over arm.

So what are under those winter cloaks? What’s everyone wearing going into spring and summer?

There’s a few looks I’ve been hearing, seeing, and reading about. And just LOVING.

Bright, bold, eccentric, and 70’s

Check out Gucci’s latest walk on the runway. It’s bold, it’s bright, and it’s reminiscent of the 70’s. Look for loud and different patterns, highlighter colours, and – believe it or not – long skirts. Kate Hudson rocked a beautiful bohemian style in NYC.

Uneven shirts and ruffles
Shirts with longer fronts than bottoms are popping up all over. One talented designer at HUSH creates shirts with lace backs that hang longer in the back than the front. Looks great with a blazer so the lace detailing shows off below the bottom at the back.
Ruffled fronts are also quite popular, with all that going on in the front you can forgo the necklaces and pair with some pretty earrings.

Animal prints – Lovin’ that leopard
I LOVE that animal prints are sticking around and particularly LOVE the leopard (that’s right, All-Caps is how much I love it). Look for it in scarves (while it’s still cool enough for them), shirts, and super sexy skirts!

White lace dress
This trend is going to be BIG, especially carrying into summer. And it’s going to look amazing. Come on ladies – what girl doesn’t want to wear a pretty white dress ;)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Denim is a definate.

The start of Spring is here, and denim is a definite must have! Not only is it comfortable but it also exudes style. Comfort and style are only a few benefits that denim can bring so for 2011 Spring/Summer season make sure that you turn to denim vests, denim blazers, denim shorts, denim long skirts, and denim wide leg pants. Denim shirts should also be a part of your wardrobe!

The last season was all about skinny and boyfriend jeans but the new season brings a little bit more variety when it comes to denim. Don't throw your skinny jeans and boyfriend denim away but add to your collection with a variety of other styles as well.

Check out our favourite HUSH shout-outs this week:
Love K

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lights, camera ...

This past weekend Ottawa bloggers, fashionista's, models, celebritite's, stylists, and makeup artists took part in an amazing two day editorial shoot at ARC The.Hotel. The ARC staged 28 different scenarios over 2 days with high end fashion models in high end clothing for their new website. And what a production it was!

The amazing duo from
CoverModels Management and Dan Ziemkiewicz Photography along with the creme de la creme in the Ottawa hair (HAIR JUNKIE), makeup (Melody Lafelice) and wardrobe (Rania Abdulla) pulled together an amazing team and fashions including Harry Rosen, Mia Bridal, Pom Pom, and yours truly ... HUSH clothes!

Check out some behind the scenes photos here.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

VIP Front of the Line Access | Shopping Trips to New York

You are invited to shop till you drop!

Get front of the line tickets to our next 3 shopping trips.
Tickets go on sale today to the general public. As a preferred client to our exclusive shopping trips we wanted to give you first priority to our next shopping trips.

March 26 - Syracuse, Waterloo Premium Outlets
www.premiumoutlets.com - $60

April 30 - Syracuse, Carousel Mall
www.carouselcenter.com - $60

Departs at 7am from Billings Bridge Shopping Centre, returns same day.

May 21-22-23 - Manhattan, New York City
www.nycgo.com - $200 (bus only)

Tickets can be purchased at the following locations. Please note cash payments only.

HUSH Boutique
1440 Wellington Street West, 613-724-4874

More info: Contact Jessica at 613-325-8348 or rsvp@eventsbystarfish.com

Thursday, March 10, 2011

These boots are made for walking.

So many winters, so many boots. The transformation of what is hip and hopping to be walking around in through the snow and slush has changed drastically over the past few years. Here’s what I’ve noticed:

- The UGG/EMU boot: It took me a while to jump on the bandwagon but once I jumped, I never looked back. I love them. They’re warm, you don’t need to wear socks, there’s a nice variety of neutral colours, and they are warm. Love them.

- The FUGG boot : It didn’t take long for the fake UGG to start popping up in everywhere from shoe stores to accessory stores to grocery stores. Some able to withstand the normal walk to the bus stop, some not so much. Those FUGGs were the ones you would see folding over and the wearer would be walking on the side of the boot. Not a good look.

- Sorel’s: Last winter all I heard about was Sorel’s. When or why the practical winter boot came back into style I know not. But it’s about time. The days of struggling with runners through the slush and cold have ebbed. I recently bought a houndstooth patterned pair with pink laces. Love them too.

- To the knee and over the knee: This winter was a more fashionable winter than I can ever recall. I am loving the loose fitting and the height of the boots that women are wearing this season (goes great with the peacoat). Heel or no heel, they are fabulous.


The riding boot. I noticed this boot first on Urban Outfitters.com and LOVED IT. It was different, cute, stylish, and could go with anything (in my mind at least). I had a feeling we’d start seeing more versions popping up around Ottawa. Then I noticed a similar pair in Zara, but with the buckle around the ankle. And then, in In Touch magazine, on Jessica Alba.nI look forward to seeing this glorious boot around our fair city for a long time.

Nicolina Leone

Friday, March 4, 2011


Hush was anything but quiet at the spring 2011 trunk show releasing Blush Beads, the wonderful works of Sandy Schnierie. My good friend, the Fashion Keeper and I arrived and were lucky enough to be two of the twenty early birds who received swag bags. They were filled with all sorts of luxuries like mascara, coupons, and Smashbox samples.

The store was filled with fabulous fashion, females, and food. As usual, there were glorious finds all around the store (including a beautiful beige, suede Coach bag I picked up for myself) and everything was an additional 20 per cent off. New items from local designers and big brands at bargain prices, it was love at first sight everywhere you looked.

Bloggin’ babes were evident as cameras flashed and talk was of the trade. Everyone was all smiles laughs making their way between treats and make-up. A wonderful, glamorous, and glowingly pregnant Alison, looked amazing and ran the store with a great attitude and calm composure amidst the crazy ladies waiting in the fitting room line and at the cash.

Melody Iafelice was gracing us with her God-given talent of artistry and made magic happen on the faces of bright-eyed girls getting done up for a night in. Cupcakes were provided by Geek Sweets. Owner Jenny Burgesse was on site to tell everyone about each tantalizing piece. There was a flavour to satisfy any palate from cookie dough to PB&J. There were also chocolates from koko - made with all natural ingredients, crackers and cheese, and a good selection of fruit.

Amy from Splendid Events, who can be given credit for getting Jenny’s amazing mini-cakes to the party, was flitting around making sure to say her hellos, welcomes, and ensuring everyone was having a great time.

Then there was the star, Sandy herself. A wonderful young woman with dazzling blue eyes brought out by her gorgeous, self-made necklace with blue and brown pieces. She was a darling to talk to and excellent at making you feel at home and comfortable. Her jewelry was gorgeous and unique. The marriage between her, her work, and Hush will certainly be a good one.

Nearing the end of the night there was the draw for three prizes from Blush Beads, a facial from Daya Spa, and a surprise gift bag from Splendid Events. I was lucky enough to win a pair of gorgeous earrings made with freshwater pears and faceted glass. The Fashion Keeper won the facial, and a new friend, intern and blogger for Ottawa Fashion Week, Emily, won a gorgeous purple necklace. Needless to say, there was enough to keep us girls busy, and that’s saying a lot.

Nicolina Leone

Colourbomb Interview with HUSH.

Monday, February 28, 2011

COLOURBOMB is the Blush Beads Spring 2011 Trunk show!

Join designer Sandy Schnierle for a girls night out at HUSH and be the first to preview necklaces, earrings, and bracelets from her Spring 2011 line.

Enjoy exclusive Blush Beads discounts, mini-makeovers, delicious treats from Geek Sweets and Koko Chocolates, and win chic prizes! Plus, Blush Beads and HUSH will show you how to put together 3 perfectly accessorized spring outfits: you'll look fab whether you're headed to the office, to the club with your best girls, or to the coffee shop for a weekend latte.